In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This interesting piece by Stephen Edelstein and published on Digital Trends reports that now you can buy a classic Ford Mustang with cryptocurrency. Read on. 

“Talk about a mix of the old and the new. Oklahoma-based Classic Recreations, known for rebuilding and updating vintage Ford Mustangs, now accepts cryptocurrency as payment. The company claims to be the first custom-car builder to do so.

Henceforth, Classic Recreations said it will accept multiple types of cryptocurrency “including, but not limited to,” Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Docademic. The company has set up electronic wallet addresses associated with each cryptocurrency, as well as the obligatory encryption software to ensure privacy. Customers will transfer funds from their own electronic wallets to the appropriate Classic Recreations wallet.”

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