Mondays with Ronny

We Are Ducatus – Life Story of Ducatus CEO Ronny Tome (Part 4)

We’ve reached the ultimate highlight of the life story of Ronny Tome. And in this concluding episode, Ronny revealed some bold actions that will be undertaken by Ducatus. Indeed, ‘WE ARE DUCATUS’ is not just a mantra, but a promise of a great outcome that lies ahead. #MondaysWithRonny TRANSCRIPT: PREVIOUSLY […]

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The Grand Vision - Life Story of Ducatus CEO Ronny Tome (Part 3)

The Grand Vision – Life Story of Ducatus CEO Ronny Tome (Part 3)

What started out as a near catastrophic event in the fintech world turned out to be one of the most pivotal moments in Ronny’s life. One that would serve as a catalyst in achieving his grand vision that benefits the world. Here’s the third part of our exclusive interview. #MondaysWithRonny […]

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The Beginnings of Success – Life Story of Ducatus CEO Ronny Tome (Part 1)

In an unprecedented tell-all interview with Ducatus CEO Ronny Tome, we saw a rare glimpse of how a young man from a small village in Germany worked his way to establish himself in the world of business – only to be met by a punishing economic crisis. Here’s the first […]

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Talking Tech and Random Stuff | Mondays with Ronny (EP14)

Ducatus’ Chief Technology Officer, Noah Hunter, joins Ronny and explains the key technological advancements made to make Ducatus Coin the most reliable and usable cryptocurrency in the planet. Noah also answers some random questions with pretty quirky responses. Watch it. #MondaysWithRonny TRANSCRIPT: For all you blockchain and tech enthusiasts out […]

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Exchange is Coming | Mondays with Ronny (EP12)

Ronny has an important announcement to make. Watch and listen very carefully as this changes everything. Plus, he weighs in on John McAfee’s prediction of $1 Million Bitcoin value by 2020. #MondaysWithRonny *** TRANSCRIPT: Today, I want to make some comments on John McAfee’s Bitcoin predictions. Stay tuned. Okay, I […]

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Holidays Like No Other | Mondays with Ronny (EP10)

Did you know that you can now enjoy the world’s most beautiful travel destinations using crypto as payment? Watch this episode before you start planning for your next dream vacation. Also, Ronny answers your most interesting questions to date. #MondaysWithRonny Transcript: Who wants to travel to some of the greatest […]

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