In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This thoughtful piece by Yolanda Redrup published on Financial Review explores how new technologies like blockchain could have prevented the fake honey scandal. Read on.

“Technologists and food fraud experts say that blockchain, combined with new tracer technologies, could have prevented the fake honey scandal that engulfed the local market.

Local honey companies including Capilano have been accused of selling “adulterated” honey under its Allowrie-branded Mixed Blossom Honey, according to tests by a German lab.

The revelations from Fairfax Media last week, which Capilano strongly denied, prompted the government to ask the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to investigate if shoppers were being hoodwinked.

University of Adelaide director of Food Innovation, Andrew Lowe, said it had been known that there was a problem with honey adulteration in the industry “for yonks”, particularly out of China, but that fraudsters had evolved their methods to circumvent regular industry tests.

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