In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This remarkable piece by Gareth Jenkinson published on Coin Telegraph asks the question: Crypto and Blockchain — Following in the Footsteps of Man’s Greatest Inventions?

“Throughout history, human civilization has gone through massive growth periods, thanks to major technological advances.

The earliest — and perhaps most notable — was the discovery and mastery of fire, which is estimated to have happened around 700,000 years ago. The American Council of Science and Health cites archaeological evidence for these figures.

Fire provided the impetus for Homo Sapiens to evolve, creating ‘revolutionary’ changes for early man, which may have led to the establishment of bigger settlements and the development of more intricate tools and a better quality of life.This very distant discovery marks the start of man’s intellectual development.

While the list of technological discoveries that have changed history are numerous, let’s narrow down our list to five of the biggest innovations in communications technology that have changed the way people access and consume information and data.”

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