In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This informative piece written by Rosemary Fanelli , Contributor at Forbes highlights the important things to watch for in cryptocurrency regulations. Read on.

Remember the good old days in cryptocurrency-land? Scores of passionate, earnest entrepreneurs with nothing more than an idea and a whitepaper could raise tens of millions of dollars on a promise. Today, not so much. Regulatory attention to cryptocurrency investments may have a chilling effect on these go-go launches.

To be sure, it is not over yet: In 2017, crypto-enthusiasts saw their coins and tokens surge to a cumulative high of $750 billion in market value before the current “crypto winter” of global market capitalization fell to less than $400 billion. But even at these levels, cryptocurrencies are up approximately $300 billion in aggregate since April 17, 2017.  This represents an 11x investment for those who invested just one year ago.

One thing is certain—regulators are looking to catch up.

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