In the highly volatile crypto environment, change is a constant worry that everyone continues to grapple with. But while changes in coin valuations is an acceptable norm, changes in a crypto organisation’s core foundations and belief shouldn’t sway as much. New regulations, technical challenges, people’s behaviour – these are just a few things that are beyond one’s control yet must be dealt with confidently if one wants to win and change the landscape of the global financial industry.

This is where adaptability comes into play. The ability to fine-tune and self-adjust while staying competitive and relevant. And for Frances Sy, Global Operations Manager of Ducatus Global, this is where Ducatus really sets itself apart. As of this writing, the company is barely two years old and yet has achieved so much and growing at an incredible speed – thanks mainly to its outstanding ability to adapt to changing laws and regulations, technological advancements and business challenges. Read our interview with Frances as she shares her thoughts on this matter along with other interesting facets of her cryptocurrency journey. 

Please tell us a bit about your background before you joined Ducatus. Can you share some key highlights of your career prior to joining Ducatus?

Frances Sy: My base industry is Tourism and had been in it for a decade prior to joining Ducatus. I was shortlisted in 2010 by the Singapore Tourism Board for Guest Service Excellence Awards, as well as received the Excellent Service Awards in Hospitality with Far East Organization in the following year.

Please give us an overview of your current role at Ducatus?

As the Global Operations Manager, I oversee all matters relating to operations of the company mostly Asia, Middle East and assisting in Europe. That includes third party liaison, internal team management and structural implementation.

Ducatus’ main mission is to transform the global financial landscape through crypto economy. What would you consider are the key steps to turn this into reality?

Frances Sy: Firstly, Knowledge. Imparting and exchanging valid information AND valid questions comes first and is very important. Then comes Synergy – in coming together and not being threatened by each other’s strengths – instead, harnessing that to empower the mission, the greater goal. Lastly, Maintaining the Advocacy – it will be a never-ending cycle of work, but it is crucial to have continuity that is both efficient and effective.

There are a lot of negative impressions about cryptocurrencies in general. What would you say to those people who think negatively of cryptocurrencies?

Frances Sy: Impressions are automatic. For something unknown and new, there will naturally be negative impressions. How one utilizes that impression is what’s going to make or break an organisation. After all, impressions are temporary until proven by relevant facts and becomes final. And it is not final until you understand it, digest it and revolve in its world enough. In short, I’d say – never say never.

Impressions are temporary until proven by relevant facts and becomes final. And it is not final until you understand it, digest it and revolve in its world enough. In short, I’d say – never say never.

What would you consider is the No. 1 strength of Ducatus as a company?

Frances Sy: I could name 10, but the top one for me is its adaptability. There are no boundaries to its reach. It can be applied to all industries, used by anyone from all walks of life and agile to the demands of the moment. Ducatus is in the health sector, travel, charity, e-commerce, F&B as well as the academe and used by more than 50,000 of its global participating members in a span of 12 months.

You’ve been a user of cryptocurrencies for quite some time now. Can you tell us what made you interested in this particular asset/technology?

Frances Sy: It is honestly FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that triggered my participation. But later on, as I weighed the pros and cons, I understood that there is only so much to lose if I did not participate but so much more to gain if I do. I delved further into cryptocurrencies by accepting my wages in crypto, purchasing meals in crypto and paying for products in crypto. Basically, I lived and breathed it. Crypto and cashless lifestyle is clearly the future and the next big thing. Paper money is so seventh century!

Aside from Bitcoin and DUC, do you also own other cryptocurrencies? How was your experience? What would you consider are the strengths/weaknesses of these currencies from a user’s point of view?

Frances Sy: Yes, I hold 2 others. My experience has been good but needless to say, time and understanding needed to be invested. I do not see cryptocurrencies as isolated, individual currencies. I see it as one currency, so when I seek out its strength and weakness, I do so collectively. And most often, as I discover how it elevates my lifestyle (more so in the future), in terms of convenience and just pure sensibility, it just drowns out all the weaknesses. These weaknesses are mostly in the technical development which, for me, is very minor compared to the value that I get on a day-to-day basis.

I discover how it (cryptocurrency) elevates my lifestyle in terms of convenience and just pure sensibility – it just drowns out all the weaknesses.

How do you see Ducatus evolving in the next 3-5 years? Please elaborate.

Frances Sy: Backed by the greatest minds in the industry and the most astounding visionaries as leaders, there is no doubt in my mind that in 3 years’ time and beyond, Ducatus will be the most used and accepted cryptocurrency – be it in travel, dining, trading or health. Ducatus will have at least tens of thousands of members/users in all countries. There may even be some collaborations with financial institutions and government bodies as we try to collectively resolve age-old issues on financial systems and technologies.

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