Is Cryptocurrency Improving the World We Live In? In this inspiring video, Ducatus’ CEO, Ronny Tome, talks about blockchain, the true vision of Satoshi Nakamoto and Ducatus’ goal of transforming the world’s financial landscape.

Full Transcript:

With all the talk about the new digital economy, one’s perception would be a resounding YES. But if we truly care to understand what’s happening today, we would see the bleak reality.

Currency is King.

All throughout history, we have witnessed how currency has changed the ways of the world. It has started and ended global disputes. It has affected the rise and fall of economies. It has given and taken people’s freedom to choose the life they deserve.

Today, currency continues to define and redefine systems that allow us to thrive and prosper.

To us, whose work is focused on advancing a new digital economy, the obstacles are plenty. And as we go about challenging the conventional notion of finance (that serves the rich and hinders the poor), we will find that some of these obstacles are ones that we ourselves have created. Let us not lose sight of the bigger goal.

Beyond buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies, we are here to foster a financial exchange that is liberal, inclusive, and empowering for all. But… The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Honestly, at the moment, are we really doing what we aimed to do? This may well be a case of Perception vs. Reality.

Let us take Bitcoin as an example. There was something revolutionary, rebellious even, about Satoshi’s libertarian vision for Bitcoin. It was anti-establishment to say the least, for it was created as an alternative means of payment that
does not involve a central power.

But… The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Now that Bitcoin has made its way into the mainstream, it has piqued the interest of ordinary people looking to grow their wealth.

Perception: Bitcoin will change the way we live.
In reality, Bitcoin has taken the route of stocks or gold. It is now entangled in the web of the very system it was supposed to change, and is almost unattainable to those whose lives would benefit the most from the new system. It became a new pawn in an old game. The crypto economy is at the risk of being trapped in the world of the old economy.

Our industry is now driven by speculation: buy low, sell high. Make more money in the shortest time possible, ICO over ICO. What’s so wrong about that, you may ask.
For the most part, that practise will not take us to the new economy we envision
and puts a limit to our possibilities. What does it take to be a real global currency?

By people.
By merchants.
By the powers that be.
How do we achieve acceptance?

We will do it with solutions that are actionable, realistic, and serve the needs of more people.

Let us return to the original goal of creating a digital economy. Let us be available to more people. Let us recruit more merchants to create immediate usability. Let us foster education so we may have more informed users. Let it be known that cryptocurrencies can be part of the everyday and not just something
that you buy low and sell high. And let us do this together.

At Ducatus, we thrive on connections.
It is the essence of our business.
It is how we attract abundance.

Working as a real global currency, we take great effort in creating an eco-system that connects Ducatus to people and the various industries that serve their needs, from lifestyle, travel and hospitality, to health, charity and more.

With every connection we make, we inch our way closer to transforming the financial landscape.

In the beginning I said currency is king. This could be its kingdom.

If we work hand in hand as a real global community, Blockchain will succeed in achieving a better life for everyone on this planet.

Together, let’s open up to Boundless Possibilities.

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  1. Yes, do agree that with all the news around Bitcoin, more people are getting into cryptocurrency. But it will still only be a segment in the population that can access Bitcoin, and that, I feel poses a limitation for cryptocurrency in general.

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