Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are dominating the news today. The 10 largest companies in the world are now exploring blockchain technology; Bitcoin is all over the news; even Hollywood is now in the thick of producing a movie aptly titled, Crypto.

Today, there exists a bewildering array of cryptocurrencies in the market. Aside from Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, NEM, Dash and thousands of others flood the market.

According to a survey by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council, “currently, only a very small proportion of global GDP (around 0.025%, or $20 billion) is held in the blockchain.” However, it further suggests that: “this will increase significantly in the next decade, as banks, insurers and tech firms see the technology as a way to speed up settlements and cut costs. Companies racing to adapt blockchain include UBS, Microsoft, IBM and PwC. The Bank of Canada is also experimenting with the technology.”

Indeed, we are seeing the rise of cryptocurrencies. Download this Special Report, find out the inner-workings of a cryptocurrency and where the industry is headed, including:

  • A look at the macro- and micro-level issues involved
  • The dark side of cryptocurrencies
  • Will cryptocurrencies power a cashless society?
  • The building blocks of a crypto-economy





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  1. Jason Hannuda

    Well put together report. The discussion on the rise of cryptocurrencies and how different sector view it is quite compelling. I haven’t heard of Ducatus before but based on everything that I read, looks like more people should know more about you.

  2. Tricia Mae

    Very informative report. It opened my mind to cryptocurrencies. Will there be another report? When will it be released?

  3. crypto jack

    Simply put, blockchain addresses the very issue of digital trust because of its way to record information in a public space that is decentralized, transparent, and secure. And as blockchain technology thrives, so does bitcoin. Reason why many people, even today, still think bitcoin and blockchain are one and the same. They are not!

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve been reading a lot of confusing statements around crypto. I’m still quite on the fence and will want to see the industry mature a bit more before I join the fray. I see all the benefits of decentralized currency but it’s still a wild wild west out there.

  5. crypto fanatic

    Will cryptocurrencies power a cashless society?

    Yes, it’s only a matter of time.

  6. Anonymous

    UK in strong position to be leader in crypto economy, report says
    Britain has required resources to be global hub for blockchain technology, analysts say

  7. chamathpali

    Check this out. Chamath is simply brilliant in explaining why Bitcoin is going to $1 million in the next 20 years

  8. Sara Sushi

    Reports like this one will surely be beneficial to anyone interested in getting their hands into cryptocurrencies. You should do this more often. Great work!

  9. Will Hunter

    Just downloaded. Great piece. Liked the balance of good and bad side of crypto and blockchain. Looking forward for more.

  10. Yep, I do think in some places are still in transition towards cashless… personally feel like it’ll take us more time before cryptocurrency will become a thing.

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