A first-of-its-kind real estate market where you can buy high-end real estate property using cryptocurrency, that’s what Ducatus Property is all about. In this episode, Ronny shares why this breakthrough offering will be a big win for you as a buyer of real estate, especially if you’re using Ducatus coins. #MondaysWithRonny


Do you want to know how to purchase a prime piece of real estate without using cash at all? Stick around for this episode and I’ll tell you all about it.






Ducatus Property platform is not a real estate company. We are real estate marketplace so we are offering prime real estate for people in the crypto industry, to be paid for in crypto, using various cryptocurrencies.

So the owner of the property can offer his property in cryptocurrencies or in fiat currencies which means that we are working as the mediator and converting the crypto that we received and we’ll be paying the owner, the seller of the property in fiat currency.

The unique selling proposition is that we are reaching out to a market that has so far been very little exposed to the real estate market because there’s no other company than ours to offer real estate payable in crypto.

So we will be opening a niche market of investors who have been involved in the cryptocurrency market for quite a number of years and who will have some spare cryptocurrencies to be used to purchase brick-and-mortar real estate.




I would advise you to buy Ducatus Coins and then purchase the property in Ducatus because if you hold Ducatus Coins, and you are making the purchase of the property in Ducatus Coins, you will be receiving 5% discount on the property.

It offers yet another possibility for people to use their Ducatus Coins and other cryptocurrencies to purchase something that you can touch, something tangible.

Real estate has been for many many decades a traditional investment for many investors. A lot of family offices are holding their portfolio in real estate all over the world now, with a trend of even family offices and institutional investors going into cryptocurrencies.

It is just a logical step for us to be able to offer real estate payable in cryptocurrency and especially in Ducatus Coins.



You wouldn’t benefit directly if you are not interested in buying a real estate but again as the demand for Ducatus Coin will increase over time by being able to purchase properties or other luxury items, by having a higher demand, the value of the Ducatus Coin is expected to be increasing and therefore, everybody holding Ducatus Coins over time, will be benefiting from a higher value which you can then use for all of our other crypto-economy subsidiaries like the travel platform, or the shop. You will be able to get more for your Ducatus Coins.






Question: Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere, or be able to read minds?

Ronny Tome: Teleport anywhere. Travel’s always been one of my passions and I still have a lot of places that I want to go to.

Question: How would you describe the color yellow to someone who is blind?

Ronny Tome: It’s warm, like imagine the sun, bright. [Chuckles]

Question: If Jurassic Park were real, would you visit it?

Ronny Tome: For sure, I would be one of the firsts.

Question: If you could add 4 hours to your day, what would you spend that 4 hours doing?

Ronny Tome: I guess I would try to find some time for myself, do a little bit of fitness.

Question: Would you rather your shirts be always two sizes too big, or one size too small?

Ronny Tome: I think I’d rather have it one size too small, but for the right reasons.

Well, those were totally random. Keep sending them, send them via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #MondaysWithRonny or send me an email at MondaysWithRonny@gmail.com.

Montage sind großartig, Ihr seid großartig.

Mondays are great, you are great.

And I’ll see you all next week.


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