Ducatus’ Chief Technology Officer, Noah Hunter, joins Ronny and explains the key technological advancements made to make Ducatus Coin the most reliable and usable cryptocurrency in the planet. Noah also answers some random questions with pretty quirky responses. Watch it. #MondaysWithRonny


For all you blockchain and tech enthusiasts out there, stop whatever you’re doing and watch this one-of-a-kind episode.






Today, I would like you to meet Noah Hunter III, who has just been appointed Chief Technical Officer at Ducatus Global.

Noah is a great talent and one who’s been responsible for some of the major breakthroughs on our technical side in the company.

Today he will be telling you some fascinating things. Noah take it away.


Noah Hunter is Ducatus’ Chief Technology Officer.

Prior to joining Ducatus, he used to work at a cyber-security firm where he developed “defensive tools” designed for critical industrial systems such as power grids, nuclear plants, and automation systems.

Noah is part of the original development team that developed the Ducatus Coin. 


We’re 10x faster than Bitcoin, our block time is one minute, whereas Bitcoin’s block time is 10 minutes. Now, of course Bitcoin has the  Lightning Network and stuff like that and we’re trying to always replicate and trying to figure out new ways how to get our payment of our Ducatus Coin faster.


The Ducatus Wallet wasn’t built from the ground up. We actually decided to go with, to start off on a good basis which was we took basically BitPay which was a popular payment processor for Bitcoin. They made a wallet called Copay. Now, we took Copay for a multitude of reasons, primarily just due to the sheer amount of testing that Copay has put into testing a wallet. So we took Copay and we started adding additional features and other stuff to Copay, as well as upgrading Copay’s native infrastructure.

We found a couple of things that we didn’t like about how BitPay manage their infrastructure so we went ahead and added some more clustering technology, made it a little bit more high viability, so that way the base underlying technology that we’re utilizing, it’s just a little bit more solid.


The key things for, you know, for our cryptocurrency and our crypto-economy to be really widely mainstream is to make it fast, reliable, and secure. These are the main things. So what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to get Ducatus Coin, specifically at the payment point, to be a lot faster. Right now, we do have transactions going through about one minute. We’re hoping to get it down to about near-instant. So basically, as soon as you send off your Ducatus Coin, they immediately end up in the users wallet.


The primary and most popular crypto-economy in the world, specifically in the Asian market. We really have a stronghold in Asian market. Some of the things that you know we’re gonna be adding or that we have been adding and that we’re very good at is getting us into the brick-and-mortar stores, which also helps along with some of the sceptics. Some of the sceptics say like, oh I don’t see it, and I can’t spend it in a real store but we’re really trying to get past that barrier in getting cryptocurrencies in the hands of people that really need it and really want to use it. 


We’re completely legitimate company so there’s always someone behind the scenes that you can always talk to. You know, me myself, David Putnam, Ronny, you know we’re all very customer-facing. We always are very easy to access, customers always can come to us, we’re never trying to hide who we are we’re very upfront. We also follow the best practices so we’re not trying to cram down our technology down your throat, what we’re trying to do is make sure that you really secure from the bottom of the stack, on to the top of the stack. We don’t just leave you dangling out there at the merchant.


Ronny as a leader, he knows exactly what he wants, which is great especially from a Dev Team point of view because you know when Ronny says I want X, Y and Z, that Ronny’s vision for X, Y and Z is not going to change because he always has everything very well thought-out so things don’t change while they’re currently being processed in the pipeline.







Question: If you won a lottery tomorrow, what will be your very first expense?

Noah Hunter: Primarily because I’m a country boy at heart, so obviously my first response would be the biggest piece of land that you could ever buy.

Question: If you could create a meal at Ducatus Café and name it after yourself, what would be in it?

Noah Hunter: I’ll probably create some barbecue sliders, some like you know, little small burgers with beef, you know, from Texas so I’ve always gotta have a lot of beef and a barbecue sauce and some crispy onion rings.

Question: If you had to wear suspenders or a bowtie for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Noah Hunter: I’d probably go with the suspenders just because it looks so much easier to put on and if I don’t look good in them I’ll just wear a jacket which I normally wear anyways.

Question: If you will be given one million dollar worth of cryptocurrency, what cryptocurrency would you want to receive?

Noah Hunter: Ducatus Coin obviously. Of course it’s Ducatus Coins.

Question: If you could only bring 3 things on an island, what would these be?

Noah Hunter: So I’ve always kind of dreamed about being stranded on an island. Volleyball will probably be the first thing, just so I could meet that Joe constantly while I’m out there on an Island. I’ve always thought if you brought like a chicken, like a hen, take it, just cos you know, it always make eggs and stuff like that, that’d be great. Probably a really good knife because you know, you need a knife to kind of really survive out there.

And that’s it again for today guys. Thank you Noah for your time.

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And I’ll see you all next week for a very special episode.



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