Forget about gadgets. The next trillion dollar company will be all about you – your convenience, your ease, your security of payment. Watch this episode as Ronny explains the benefits of online commerce to Ducatus cryptocurrency owners – regardless of whether you’re a shopper or not. #MondaysWithRonny


Apple is old news. Today, we are going to talk about the next trillion dollar company. Stay tuned.






With the digitalization and the appearance of smartphones, our lives have become more and more hectic. We have less and less time, and we are connected all the time.

So basically, what people are now looking for is convenience and how much more convenient can it be to order your goods online and to have them delivered to your home.

I think that is the great success and the great secret of success for companies like Amazon or Alibaba. Online shopping is definitely the future and I think cryptocurrency is the perfect fit because the only thing you need to do basically when you want to order online is to have a simple payment solution and cryptocurrencies are offering exactly that. So you pay with crypto, you receive it at home online, perfect scenario.

At Ducatus, we have now our Ducatus Shop online as well. We have two websites available, one is for the Asian market, and one is for the European market.

Initially, you’ll be able to purchase Ducatus merchandising, but we are currently and constantly increasing the variety of products so that also Ducatus Shop becomes an online marketplace for you to purchase products.

Our payments will be in crypto only, and we will be delivering it to your doorstep just like Amazon or Alibaba would be doing.

As you know, the value of a cryptocurrency is defined by its demand and supply. Through the Ducatus Shop, we are increasing the demand of our Ducatus Coins and therefore, even if you are not using the shop for purchases, the value of your Ducatus Coin might very well be going up and therefore, you are benefiting in anything that we do in our crypto-economy that increases the demand of our coin.




Question: Would you rather be the smartest kid in school or the most popular kid in school?

Ronny Tome: Probably the most popular kid. I’ve always been smart anyway.

Question: How would people communicate in a perfect world?

Ronny Tome: In the perfect world, they would be communicating directly. Not sitting in front of each other on a table and sending text messages. Actually, I like the old way of communicating.

Question: Would you rather be the star player of a losing basketball team or ride the bench on the winning one?

Ronny Tome: I’ve always been about winning, I’ve been an athlete and a sports person for all my life. It’s always been about winning fair, but for sure winning.

Question: Would you rather have four legs or four arms?

Ronny Tome: Four arms. I have so many things to do, they don’t even fit into a 24-hour day.

Question: What would your pet say about you if we asked for reference?

Ronny Tome: Probably, that he’s not getting enough of my time because I’m very rarely at home.

Wow! I gotta admit that was kind of tough, but however strange your questions are, just keep them coming.

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Montage sind großartig, Ihr seid großartig.

Mondays are great, you are great.

And I’ll see you very very soon.


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