In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This insightful piece by Yoav Vilner published on Forbes lays out all there is to know about the Stablecoin trend. Read on.

“The crypto fans didn’t care for stablecoins to begin with, but stables have carved out a particular niche in the cryptocurrency markets, primarily as stable hedges against the market’s volatility.

Their practical applications continue to be in demand, expanding to more layers and aptly demonstrated by the flood of stablecoins and their increasing use today.

The different versions of stablecoins range from fiat-collateralized to crypto-collateralized, with the former the most prevalent but the latter also gaining traction with stablecoins like Maker’s Dai. As the crypto ecosystem trends towards more open and decentralized financial tools, stablecoins are poised to play an integral role in the market.”

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