In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This insightful piece by Samantha Radocchia published on Forbes explains how the crypto community is paving the way for remote work and digital nomads. Read on.

“Last April I attended a Summit event in Tulum, Mexico. While there, I met a guy who had been couch surfing around the world for the past seven years, living a very minimalist lifestyle and funding it all through crypto.

That lifestyle may sound wild to anyone with a nine-to-five, but he’s hardly an anomaly. There are plenty of people who’ve been getting paid in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for years. And if you look at that community, many are independent contractors who work in a decentralized, distributed fashion.

They’re leading the way in the digital nomad movement, the use of foreign transactions and a radical change in lifestyle.

Here’s why going remote is gaining so much traction in the crypto space, and why more and more of us will soon have the option for decentralized work:”

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