In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This remarkable piece by Hamza Shaban and published on The Washington Post details how veteran journalists in Colorado are using the blockchain to build a news start-up. Read on.

“Colorado’s newest digital publication is bucking many of journalism’s business conventions: It aims to be ad-free, reader-supported and employee-owned and will partner with a media technology company to have its website data recorded on the blockchain, in perpetuity.

The Colorado Sun and its partner, Civil Media Co., are banking on blockchain technology to foster new business models to support journalism. If their initial efforts are successful, they could demonstrate a path to building news outlets free from corporate interests and advertising pressures, a significant development as newsrooms face shrinking ad revenue and management woes. The founding partners of the Colorado Sun left the Denver Post amid rounds of layoffs and allegations of editorial interference from its hedge-fund owner.”

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