We’ve reached the ultimate highlight of the life story of Ronny Tome. And in this concluding episode, Ronny revealed some bold actions that will be undertaken by Ducatus. Indeed, ‘WE ARE DUCATUS’ is not just a mantra, but a promise of a great outcome that lies ahead. #MondaysWithRonny



We were discussing the issues that Bitcoin was having.

So we started to joke, and to talk, and said, well you know why don’t we do our own?

And then started to seriously think about it, and that was the start of Ducatus.







So in early 2017 in January, we then officially started the development of our Ducatus blockchain, and in March, we launched it to the public.

Now, Ducatus was meant to be different. In one way, very very similar to Bitcoin because we used the original Litecoin protocol which is a hard fork of Bitcoin to be our basis.

So Ducatus itself is a hard fork of Litecoin, but we reduced the blocktime to 1 minute. So transactions are much much faster than Bitcoin, and they’re much faster than Litecoin.

For us, it was important to stay with the original vision of Bitcoin which was meant to be an alternative payment coin for peer-to-peer transactions between two people without the involvement of any third party, of any bank, or government.

So the idea from Bitcoin in 2008 was then revived in Ducatus in 2017, just improved based on the learnings of the last 8 years to ensure that transaction fees were to stay low and transaction time for a single transaction with all the confirmation needed be made much faster.

We know that Bitcoin needed around 4 to 5 years from its inception until the first real acceptance with the first users and retailers. Now, we didn’t want to wait for 5 years for this to happen. So we came up with a concept using the power of network, network marketing to distribute our coin globally.

The other issue that we wanted to tackle was the supply of coins in order to be able to keep the price volatility a little bit under control because as you know Bitcoins are generated every 10 minutes with the generation of each new block and the last Bitcoin will only be generated by the year 2140.

We wanted to again speed up this time and we decided that we are going to pre-mine all the Ducatus Coins right from the beginning and then start a business of pure distribution.

So all the coins were mined, the network marketing was set up, and it was launched on the 21st of March in Dubai at an event that we organized at the Versace Hotel inviting some of our early partners and supporters to give them a chance to know most of the information and details that were available at that time, with our vision ahead, of what we wanted to do, and where we wanted to be. And that was the birth of what we now call the crypto-economy.

So we started to think about what are people doing on a daily routine, every single day. What are people interested in, and where could cryptocurrency be easily introduced to people who want to know about it, and want to make a first transaction about it, and we decided that coffee shops with the popularity of brands like Starbucks, and Coffee Bean, and Costa, and others would be a very good start.

We decided to develop the Ducatus Café franchise which we then set up in Singapore with our first pilot project in Robinson Road as the first cashless café in Singapore, and as we’ve now found out, also in Asia.

We then developed the ideas of various online platforms like the Ducatus Travel platform which has gone live already.

We’re also launching now our Ducatus E-commerce Shop where you can buy merchandise and various products.

We’ve launched already our Ducatus Health offering wellness and health products as well as services.

We are very proud to announce having signed a deal with the biggest property developer and management group in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates called EMAAR. Ducatus Property is now the first, and as far as we know, the only property platform abled and allowed to offer EMAAR Properties in cryptocurrency.

From the beginning, it was very important for us to give back. Being successful in business for us means also being responsible to people who as not as lucky as we are and in that regard, we made the Ducatus Charity an integral part of our whole development.

Now, we’ve been running the charity already  with various projects in Italy, in Bali, and in other countries since June 2017. Our charity platform is just about to go online as well.

The vision going forward for Ducatus does not stop here though. We have big big plans. One of them is running our own exchange. We have just recently invested and purchased our own exchange which will be launched within 2018.

We are also planning to build centres in new markets. We will be showcasing all of our various businesses within the centre like the café. We will have an incubator desk, we will be able to help people innovating new ideas and concepts for their businesses.

So all these activities, and all these projects we do based on our overall vision – to, within a very short time, make Ducatus the most popular and accepted cryptocurrency in the world.


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Ronny Tome is the CEO of Ducatus Global. Ducatus Global Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that is the administrative heart of the Group worldwide. Our globally distributed management team provides management and professional support for the whole Group. Centurion Global Limited, based in the Cayman Islands, is responsible for the production and global distribution of the coins through the Ducatus network. Additional group of companies in Dubai and Singapore are responsible for charity projects, education and training, e-commerce, franchise cafés, health, travel and property. For more information, visit https://ducatus.net


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